2003 – Chevy Ash & his first Rhythm clock

“DWS Cinderella” (4MH762)

2020 – Chevy Ash & his RHYTHM clock collection





2007 – Received RHYTHM clock

“Peaceful Cosmos” (4MH751), as Christmas gift

“Why do I love Rhythm clocks?”
Rhythm clocks have been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember. What was originally seen as just a temporary interest and phase by most people in my life has evolved into a passionate infatuation and everlasting love for Rhythm clocks. My name is Chevy Ash; I am 19 years old, and I have a collection of almost 200 Rhythm timepieces.
When I was a very young boy, my grandmother and I would sit at the computer for hours, scrolling through various websites, looking at and watching videos of Rhythm musical clocks. They grabbed my attention like nothing else. I got my first Rhythm clock when I was just two years old. My grandmother, my mother, and I were in a shopping mall, when I suddenly heard the crystal clear sound of a Rhythm clock melody in a nearby store. Even though I had never seen them in person, I immediately recognized the distinctive melody to be coming from a Rhythm clock. I still remember it well, even though I was so very young. My grandmother was just as excited as I was, as it was her plan to surprise me there that day. As the two-year old me marveled at the various Rhythm musical motion and magic motion clocks that were on display, my grandmother asked me which one was my favorite. It didn’t take me long to decide, and once I did, my mind couldn’t be changed. I had watched videos of that particular Rhythm clock many times with my grandmother, and it played some of my favorite songs. When I was asked why I picked that specific Rhythm clock, my grandmother and mother both remember my exact words: “Because it makes me happy.”

As soon as I was old enough, I was looking at Rhythm clocks on the web by myself, and making videos of my own Rhythm clocks for other people to watch. I even created my own advertisements for existing Rhythm clocks, along with drawing and designing my own models. I created booklets, PowerPoint presentations, and wishlists. I was obsessed; it was my hobby and my passion. For holidays, like birthdays or Christmas, for example, many children wanted toys. For me, I wanted Rhythm clocks. I would save any money that I had, sometimes for many months, just to get a certain Rhythm clock that I had my eye on. I have hand-picked my collection over the course of my life, by saving my money and with the help of my parents and grandparents. My other grandmother even made me shirts with Rhythm clocks on them when I was younger. Some of my favorite childhood memories are with my family, visiting clock shops that carried Rhythm clocks locally and on vacations.

Rhythm clocks have opened a “Small World” for me. I have been fortunate enough to meet and make many amazing friends through Rhythm clocks. I have met fellow collectors, clock shop owners, and even Rhythm employees here in the United States and abroad.

As time has passed, not much has changed. My collection has grown, and continues to grow to this day. I still look at Rhythm clocks online and in stores, along with recording and editing my own videos. I am lucky to have a supportive family around me that loves Rhythm clocks just as much as I do. Rhythm clocks aren’t just timepieces to me; they are a part of my childhood and my life, and I hope to make many more memories with them in years to come.





2015 – Visiting RHYTHM USA office in Atlanta, Georgia

2020 – Museum of RHYTHM clocks in Chevy’s room