It has come to our attention recently that there are some rumors on the Internet that COMPACT FAN S4, 9ZF037WR03, 9ZF037WR04, and 9ZF037WR08, are not produced by RHYTHM.

We are pleased to clarify that, despite such rumors, they are genuinely the latest series of our USB fan products, which were projected, developed, and manufactured by us. We have chosen to introduce them to the international market, including Hong Kong, first as the Global Model. We do not sell them in Japan due to the sales strategic reasons.

Like other RHYTHM products, we proudly provide a one-year limited warranty for COMPACT FAN S4, 9ZF037WR03, 9ZF037WR04, and 9ZF037WR08. Please contact us with the original purchase receipts if the after-sales service is necessary.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to call our Service Hotline at 2790-3882.

Thank you for your support for RHYTHM products.

Rhywaco (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

June 8, 2023